Back from retirement?

A little over three months ago, I finished my job as Copywriter for JAC, a marketing and web agency based in St. John’s, NL. During my time there, I was a part of a team that launched plenty of websites and marketing campaigns, and we garnered a number of awards while we did it. In fact, we even found ourselves in the running for a Webby, which is not a bad feat for a small company based in the far eastern reaches of the continent.

Unfortunately, even though I had the benefit of working from home for over two years with the company, I knew I needed a change.

As is often the case, there were plenty of reasons for this, but the conclusion was the same either way. So, soon after giving my notice, I made plans to move to Costa Rica and focus on both T.O.F.U. Magazine and a number of other projects. Jokingly, I referred to it as a retirement, and I’ve been using #freedom33 for a number of posts on my Instagram account.

Of course, as those who follow that account know, I’m now back in St. John’s, NL, Canada. And I’m cold.

It’s not that Costa Rica was a terrible experience. Truth be told, it’s basically just the holidays (and a ticket to be home for xmas from my parents). Outside of that, I could still very easily be in Central America right now.

However, now that I’m back in Canada, I’m debating coming out of retirement. That being said, I’m not just going to do it for anything. I’m looking for work, but I don’t need work. Being able to say something like that is a great privilege, and it’s one I’m not taking lightly, which is why I’m still going to continue to work on T.O.F.U. and a number of other endeavours while I see what comes my way.

Whether or not that leads me back to sunshine and gallo pinto or I find myself somewhere else remains to be seen.

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