Some Day My Prints Will Come

After spending the holidays in a quiet house in the woods of Salt Spring Island, and having watched the new year come in with a sleeping puppy, I’ve returned to Vancouver and I’m planning a party.

Of course, this event isn’t being held just to celebrate my return to the drizzly, busy city or the fact that I survived my first earthquake. It’s not even because my birthday is coming up.

This party is happening for a bigger reason.

After plenty of hard work on behalf of the authors, my designer, an assistant editor, and a number of other folks, The Book of T.O.F.U. is currently being printed by MET Fine Printers, and it should soon be in my hands.

So, for many reasons, I think I’m justified in choosing to celebrate the launch of The Book of T.O.F.U. with an event, and, based on the response so far, it seems other people agree with me.

Hopefully, if you happen to be in the Vancouver area, you’ll join my friends and I at Spartacus Books on January 23rd from 2-4pm to celebrate as well!

For more details, please check out my post on the T.O.F.U. website.

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