Public Speaking

Ryan managed to make the difficult task of managing an intimate discussion of chatty vegans look easy. And it wasn’t easy.
Insufferable Vegan

Even though my first official event hosting my own talk was in 2013 at the Vida Vegan Con (VVC) in Portland, Oregon, I was involved in a number of panels related both to veganism (VVC 2011 and 2013) and the Canadian independent music scene (Rock Can Roll Conference 2005 and 2006) prior to this.

Along with these experiences, I’ve also held a position as a Youth Facilitator for a non-profit based in Nova Scotia that involved partaking in the international Gross National Happiness Conference in Thailand in 2007, and also saw me overseeing a Youth Resilience camp in 2011 on an island in Nova Scotia.

Since all of these experiences, including the personal talk in Portland, I’ve also presented a similar discussion in Toronto at one of the largest vegetarian festivals in North America, the Toronto Vegetarian Association’s Veg Food Fest.

Along with these direct public speaking engagements, I’ve also gained plenty of experience through media relations thanks to a number of interview for magazines, blogs, radio shows, and more. In fact, I’ve even hosted a college radio show with a friend of mine during the Junos in St. John’s, NL.

Altogether, I’ve become comfortable in front of a microphone over the years, and I look forward to continuing this part of my career through speaking at future festivals and any other opportunity that comes up.