T.O.F.U. started in 2007 after the success of two independently published cookbooks and a vegan dining guide to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Based on the feedback and interest in these publications, the founders decided to commit to something more substantial to try and promote veganism as far as possible. Within a couple of issues, the magazine was being read around the world and contributors were providing their voice to fill T.O.F.U. with thoughtful articles, recipes, city and country reviews, art, and more.

Through a number of years, and plenty of internal changes, T.O.F.U. is now a pay-what-you-want digital publication overseen by myself. Still offering a platform for writers around the world to share their voice, the magazine’s audience continues to grow. With a more refined focus on the intersection of veganism and various forms of oppression, as well as other issues typically outside of the mainstream vegan culture, T.O.F.U. now aims to promote change not only within those who still consume animals in some way, but also within those who consider themselves vegan as well.