The T.O.F.U. Grant

When the magazine made the switch to a digital-only publication, there were a number of pros and cons associated with it. For now, although I do hope to return to publishing a physical version in the future, one of the biggest benefits of removing print from T.O.F.U.’s options was revenue.

That being said, since the magazine utilizes a pay-what-you-want sales system as well as a free viewing platform online, the move still has not led to T.O.F.U. being a significant source of income for anyone involved, including myself.

Of course, that has not stopped me from showing my support to others, and one of the biggest ways I’ve done that is through the T.O.F.U. grant project.

By using at least half of the advertising revenue from each issue, I’ve provided a small financial award to musicians, cookbook authors, academics, and photographers who have helped to promote veganism in their own ways.

For more information on the T.O.F.U. grant project, please see the T.O.F.U. website.