I Don’t Want a Job!

I’ve had it on my to-do list to update and add other sections to this site since I’ve considered it a portfolio for years now, but lately my thoughts have shifted and I’ve started to question why I even have a portfolio site.

After all, isn’t the purpose of most portfolios to try and attract work, whether it be full-time, freelance, or some other form? Personally, that was presumably the goal when I started to put all my past accomplishments together, but then I kept being too busy with the magazine to really do anything with this site.

Then it occurred to me, I don’t want a job.

A part of me already knew this based solely on my gut reaction to reading job postings that friends and family would send my way, despite my assurances that I was retired and/or focusing solely on the magazine because that was what I wanted to do. Along with cringing at the copy that always finds its way into each ad, the thought of updating my resume and writing a cover letter to start the jumping through hoops I would need to do for some great opportunity always makes me feel like there’s something better I could do with my time. Truth be told, my resume has rarely ever been what put my foot in any door, and I’ve had a number of bosses shocked to find out I even had a degree since they didn’t even read my application.

So, why go through all of that again when it’s not really what I want to do?

It’s been over two years now since I quit my full-time job, and I don’t regret it. Also, I don’t miss it. Sure, I’ve had some ups and downs, especially in the financial department, but I’ve also travelled, published new issues, ran a successful Kickstarter, toured North America, and (most recently) explored parts of Europe.

If I was working full-time, these experiences would have had to have been relegated to vacation days, weekends, late evenings, and other points of time that didn’t interfere with what would certainly be the biggest part of my life: my job.

That’s not something I want, and so it will be something I try to avoid for as long as I can. Sure, the time might come when I need to find work to pay some bills and gain some financial stability, but that time is not now.

Right now, I don’t want a job.

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